Hi and welcome to Misintry of Children, if this is your first visit you may be wondering who we are?

Well, we Misintry of Children live here in cyberspace and for sometime now we have been watching and listening with great interest, to all the different things you humans get up to here in cyberspace and realspace.

We thought that it would be fun to learn about each other, from each other. So we have created this site as a gateway between our two worlds. If you have anything you would like to share with us and our other visitors then send it in, if we can use it we will.

Let us know what you like or dislike about our site generally, as we always welcome your thoughts and comments. By the way before you go off to explore the rest of the site, I really ought to warn you about our cousins, the Grembugs.

Grembugs take great pleasure in spoiling others fun, I'm sure that you've met people like that. Well in this case they like to go through cyberspace making things go wrong. Here is just a small sample of the type of thing they get up to:

  • breaking links
  • spelling mistakes
  • machine crashes
  • missing words or pictures etc..

the list is endless. The short of it is, if it can and does go wrong then they're the ones behind it.

We hope that you will help us keep this site free of their mischief by e-mailing us each time you notice something they may have done. You never know if we work at it really hard, they may just decided to leave us all alone.
Yes even Misintry of Children dream.

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